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Orthodontic techniques

If you mentioned the word orthodontics years ago people would generally “cringe” at the thought. However, it isn’t like this anymore. Today there are many techniques and approaches which can be applied to solve teeth issues that are less dramatic than large, obtrusive braces:

  • Traditional braces ­– Traditional metal braces with brackets and wire brackets are individually customised which ensures faster and better outcomes. Both metal braces and tooth-coloured ceramic braces are available. 
  • Lingual braces – These are placed on the inside of the teeth, rather than on the outside as metal braces are. With these, it is extremely hard to tell that one is wearing braces. 
  • Orthodontic aligners – A ‘no braces’ or invisible approach, clear aligners are devices which are worn 22 hours a day and gradually move your teeth into position without the need for traditional braces.

All of these treatment options have their advantages and disadvantages. Dr Charlie Kahwagi and the team at Lara Smile Group are at the forefront of orthodontic treatments and will be able to recommend the best course of treatment based on your needs.

Lara and Geelong’s Orthodontic Experts

At Lara Smile Group, we are able to create a treatment plan aimed at fixing any orthodontic problems you may have. If you want to take the first step towards straighter teeth, be sure to contact us by clicking here today.